Trendy Tips from The Lovelys Closet: The Beauty of the Oversized Handbag

La La La; I am, I’m too fabulous; I’m so fierce that it’s so nuts; Fashion, put it all on me; I am anyone you want me to be,

Lady Gaga

Hello Lovely Lipstickers!

Get ready to overdose on style-steroids!

Now that summer is coming to a close, the oversized handbag is here to stay. Lately, we have been drooling over fabulously functional oversized handbags designed by Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Betsey Johnson. This brings us to a trendy tip form our closet!

Harper Black Bag

The Harper Carry-All Satchel from Francesca’s Collections boutique is a great and affordable tote for the everyday fashionista! This summer vacationer is getting weekday workouts as it heads back into Fall.

For The Lovelys, this trendy find is spacious enough to hold everyday must-haves for the glamour girl’s that we are:

  • Makeup bag for touch-ups including compact, lipstick/gloss, breath mints, feminine needs
  • Chic pair of sunnies
  • Pocket space for phone storage

With a dual purpose of an organized work/school bag:

  • File Folders
  • iPad
  • Notebooks/textbooks
  • Weekly planner
  • Pen/pencil bag

Quite the overload of chic, don’t you think?

Harper Black Tote

Black Harper Tote Interior


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–XOXO The Lovelys


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