Fashion News: A Chic-Peek into a World full of Glitter; The Nail Art Obsession

You were like so sick, everybody said it; you were way ahead of the trend, ge-get it; Elvis is the best, hell yes; honey put on that party dress … be young, be dope, be proud,

Lana Del Rey

Hey there Lovely Lipstickers!

Recently, the news world and numerous social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and various beauty blogs have been swept up in the tornado of mani-pedis we like to call;

The Craze of Nail Design!

ESSIE nail polish

We have quite the collection of nail polish, don’t you think?

The manicure has always been defined as a simple buff and shine applied to nail beds. However, the trends have shifted to a whole new level where practical peach meets tribal topaz. Originality truly has made its mark in this small-yet budding industry by combining fresh looks such as aztec, ombre, block-color, hipster and vintage designs.

From the runway to your nearest beauty bar, trendy nails have wiggled their way onto the fingertips of fashionistas everywhere. Whether it be a peach daiquiri manicure with a chevron print accent nail or a ruby red mani with leopard print sleek sticks, manicurists have brought creative designs to salons nationwide.


Get ESSIE wasted on bottles of color!

We have noticed that nail art has become a fashion statement all its own. It has become an utter obsession of having the latest and greatest. The comparison that comes to mind is that of a late-night junk food run for some fun dip except the sugar is non-edible flecks of glitter.

The most recent design with a bit of edge to hit the scene are the 3D metallic shades of the magnetic nail polish collections.

The ultimate glamour girl has met her match in this competitive world of ever-changing nail design. Think she’ll keep up?

We think she can hold her own. 😉

Nail Art Picture

Acrylic base with cream polish, pink glitter and pink reflective chunks placed near the nail bed

With talks of a competition based reality television show in the works and design magazines hitting newsstands, here are some chic-peek reads to keep you up-to-date!

Huffington Post – Nailed It! Will Bring Nail Art to Reality TV on new Oxygen Competition Show

NAILS Magazine – Next Top Nail Artist

Glam – Mani Monday Upgrades to Reality TV

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— XOXO The Lovelys


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