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XOXO – The Lovelys


The Skinny on The Lovelys

I got my red dress on tonight; dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight; done my hair up real big beauty queen style; high heels off, I’m feeling alive,

Lana Del Rey

Hello Wonderful World of Bloggers!

Welcome to our fabulously fashionable blog Le Crispy Lipstick where you will find treats regarding all things beauty! As a set of identical twins, we want to give you some insight as to who we are as individuals and our unique styles.

Here goes nothin’!

Lindsey: I am a nursing student, people person and caregiver at heart. I also have a fabulous shopping/style addiction that I take full responsibility for (shhh, don’t tell). These are a few important things to know about me. I absolutely love nursing and caring for others! I am a lover of food and yoga! Although cheesy sounding, I have a passion for fashion and I am not afraid to show it! I tend to be an “inside-the-box” thinker, but fashion allows me to color outside the lines.


Life may be functional, but you can always be fabulous. Be classy. Be rugged. Be you.

LIN classy edited

Girl Next Door meets trend madness is my go-to style.

I also believe that fashion is forever, being the true representation of infinity.

I have very hippie tendencies! I live and breathe yoga. This mentality finds its way into my wardrobe depending on my mood. I am a Gemini, so I can be happy, mad and sad all in one breath. Gemini’s are very versatile, and so is my style. I can channel fierce, hipster, classic and bohemian chic whenever I feel like it! I am the ultimate fashion chameleon (at least I think so)!

BOHO chic edited

I am all about peace, love, and flower power. I live by one motto: Look good. Feel Good. Do good.

LIN hippie edited

I rock maxi skirts like they are an extension of me. Fun and flirty is the way to go.

Leslie: I am a writer, coffee addict and cat lover. These are three important things to know about me! (not in any particular order). I believe books are one of (if not the most) beautiful creatures ever created. Yes, I refer to books as living entities because every story or fable created jumps off of the page with it’s own heartbeat. (This definitely makes me a nerd, I know).

I also believe fashion is it’s own form of artwork, the wearable kind. I LOVE clothes!

Rocker Chic edited

If anyone could have a signature or go-to style, Rocker chic would be mine.

Leslie rocker chic

On days that I have to myself where I find time to write or run errands, you’ll always find me in a pair of chucks. Simple and easy.

I’m also really into fresh, new looks of fashion today. I would say I have a very loud wardrobe with a mixture of bright colors and punky misfit pieces.

A person can have more than one style and for me, my style changes depending on who I wish to portray that day. I don’t ever want to be the next somebody in fashion or in my career as a journalist.

I want to be the first Leslie C. Philp.


Staple pieces of a current trend are always a must in my closet. Just enough to stay up-to-date.

LES edited trendy collage

Whatever I wear, I make it my own.

So, we leave you with that. Be bold, be smart and most importantly, be yourself!

— XOXO The Lovelys